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Door to door distribution for flyers or leaflets

DistributionDoor to door distribution with Delta is the number one choice for targeted and cost effective marketing strategies for your business.

If your business serves consumers - then our door to door service is perfect for you

Door to Door Distribution

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Is leaflet distribution right for your business?

Let's look at an example: You own a local estate agents and are looking for new vendors, and to increase footfall into your shop with potential buyers. We can then help you with areas, quantities in each area, and create a strategy to design, print and distribute your flyer to the right audience. There probably isn't a better way to market to your local audience.

Our Door-to-Door leaflet distribution service includes a bespoke campaign specific to your business needs. Of course every client is different, and we make sure to treat every job as a new project, tailored to your needs.

Here at Delta distribution we will build your project with the following in mind:

Target Audience
Who is your bread and butter client? We plan the campaign accordingly.

Based on your bread and butter client we advise on the most appropriate areas.

Factoring in the most appropriate areas with your budget, we can establish suitable quantities to distribute.

Our in house designers always make sure your flyer is actionable and eye catching so that you have the maximum opportunity for success.

Printing is our passion, and with over 25 years experience we can certainly provide the perfect print for your business.

Type of distribution
We provide both shared and solus distribution. We recommend which service based on your average conversion value, and your budget.

We all know most of us don't respond to something on first view, which is why we recommend a minimum of three repeat distributions to each area.

Live GPS Tracking
Breath easy with the assurance of our live GPS tracking service that is free with every distribution.

Based on your feedback we can develop an even stronger campaign for your next distribution.

GPS tracking door to door

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Our leaflet distribution service can be done as a shared or solus campaign. How do they differ?

Shared distribution

Shared distribution is certainly one of the most cost effective marketing activities we can think of. With this service we distribute your leaflet with no more than two other non competing leaflets. We always try and share you with businesses targeting a similar demographic. This is a great option when your product/service is generic in its appeal, or for those with a tighter budget. Prices for shared distribution are from just £30 per 1000 (+ vat).

Solus distribution

Solus distribution is our premium and more popular service, and most recommended for higher response rates. Just your flyer is distributed ensuring no attention is taken away from your advertisement. You have the control and freedom over when and where they are distributed, making it more targeted to your demographic. You also receive your own unique tracking account which updates all of your distributions live. Prices for solus distribution are from just £70 per 1000 (+ vat).

Should I go for shared or solus distribution?

This often depends on your businesses circumstances, here are two examples:

Example 1

A client who owns a local bakery calls in to us asking for design, print and distribution. We sit down with the lady and ask her a few questions such as, how much does the average person spend, how often do they come in, what margin does she typically make, etc. it turns out the average spend is about £4 and the margin is 75%, and they typically call in weekly. The typical client is someone who is walking by from the local area, they are varied in age and social class.

We can now identity that despite the high margin percentage and a regular purchase rate, the actual profits in the business are relatively low. The average client value is about £3 per purchase per week, and is someone local. In this situation we would recommend a shared distribution. Why? Shared distribution is cheaper and ideal for a more generic target audience. The client may not see a sufficient return from a solus distribution and as they don't need to target a specific clientele (other than location), the shared distribution is the most appropriate option.

Example 2

Another client calls us and states they own a high end tailors specialising in bespoke suits. We ask similar questions to the first example and establish that the average sale of a suit is £1500 and they make a 50% margin, and a typical client will order two suits a year. Their clients reach over 30 miles away from their shop, but only from the more affluent areas. I think you can easily see the differences between the two clients.

This client would certainly benefit more from a solus distribution because they can specifically target people who can actually afford their service, and have a desire to purchase. With each lead having a value of £1500 profit per year, they can easily justify paying the little extra to see a much stronger conversion rate.

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