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Carbon Capture what can it do for you

If your organisation is keen to reduce environmental impact, one very traceable and effective way is to use Carbon Capture. On your next print project we can add a Woodland Carbon logo with a unique reference to your organisation confirming that the paper from your job has been recorded and the CO2 has been offset.

The Woodland Carbon scheme is accredited and operated under the Government’s 2011 Woodland Carbon Code, by adding the logo, this both enhances your brand, demonstrates your commitment to the environment and reduces your organisation's carbon footprint. You can receive a certificate showing the exact figures, there are also tree planting days organised which some companies may find useful as a social media or marketing opportunity.

If you are interested in showing your company’s commitment to environmental matters and would like to capture the carbon from your printed paper get in touch or see our page on Carbon Capture for further information.

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